Audrey Brown

Hi!, My name is Audrey. I am a messianic Jew who has a book with my testimony to share with people in order to bring hope to the hopeless, healing to the broken and life to the dead things in your life. I truly have faith for the miraculous. I have seen miracles and the power of God move in mighty ways. I have been in my lowest state and saw Yeshua literally resurrect my life from the dead. I have so much revelation and insight from the Lord to share. I have shared about how to develop self esteem and find your worth in God, overcome the most intense challenges, live by faith not by sight, healing, how to forgive and love people who hurt you and so much more in churches, on radio, fb live and you tube. My heart is to see people restored and brought into the place of true freedom and peace. I am writing my second book now because I entered into the new chapter of my life where I can use the tools that I learned through my difficult process to help others develop Godly wisdom to get through their hardest battles. I am believing for more miracles to come into my life so I can share them with you and believe for yours. Recently God has used me to pray for many and see hearings and deliverance. I love to pray for people and watch God work in their live. I know this is our season of breakthrough and excited to enter into this new time in God.

Please order my book which is my testimony of having a Cinderella type of childhood with extreme hardships throughout my life. When I met Yeshua, He held my hand during the worst times in my life including abuse, neglect, abandonment, and so much more. This book was inspired by Him. He gave me every word and commissioned me to share it with the world. He promised to anoint it to help many hopeless people find hope for their future through my story. Please click link.


My phone number is 941-258-8389. Please call to have me minister in your church!

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