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When we ask the Lord for His Wisdom, He is sure to download it to us.  Often through scriptures, prophesy, dreams, visions and the still small voice of God. He will make a way in the wilderness for us if we ask. Often He says “Keep pressing in to Me” Other times He says, “Just rest in my presence” He is the answer and solution to any problem. The Lord told me today to let go and start to move into the ministry that He ordained for me. I had waited a long time for His instruction to preach in churches. He said this is the time to step fully out into my destiny. I am promised by God to move in signs, miracles and wonders. I passed the tests that He gave me that were gut wrenching and almost impossible. My book describes what I went through. God has been by my side through out this process. He told me I will end in Victory and He will give me favor. Right now He wants to use me to share the revelations and deep insights that He taught me during my trials. Each week I do FB live and radio to share different encounters with the Lord. If you would

like me to speak in your church please call me at 941-258-8389. I have spoken recently and lead many to the Lord. God has given me the gift of wisdom, revelation and healing. I want to use these gifts to impart to the body. Please get my book, Yeshua My Prince Charming which is on Barnes & Nobles, BOM, Amazon and more.

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Yeshua My Prince Charming

Please donate on the donate button so that I can help orphanages and move into my calling. I am asking for intercessory prayer for my mission from Yeshua, My Love and Savior!

I love you all.

If you would like to join my weekly FB Live with prayer and the Word, request Audrey Brown on FB. I would encourage you to also look for our prayer meetings weekly and my radio show, “Hope with Audrey”

Be like a tree deeply rooted solid in foundation not easily tossed and turned, Be a true expression of Mount Zion . Be of love and good nature which is one of the greatest characteristics of the daughter/ son of the most high. Let Your level of humbleness take you far so the Lord is pleased with you!

Audrey Brown



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