Word For December


The path is opening before us. The Lord is about to surprise us and bring a miracle breakthrough that will blow our minds. He is opening up the heavens and bringing deliverance to His people. He is paving the way out of no way. The enemy thought he had victory but the Lord has the last word. He will do the impossible. Press in because Now is the time for your Creator to show up in the most unusual way. I sense many getting radically delivered and shocking the people around them. The Lord is going to blow your mind. He will shine forth and bring victory. I see people flying into their destinies. He is taking care of the details behind the scenes in order to prove only God could have done this. He is softening peoples hearts and about to break them open into the fullness of who He created them to be. There will be no logical explanation for what He will do. It will be such a miracle breakthrough that the mockers will be put to shame. The Lord is going to prove that He is God and no one can overthrow His plans and purposes. So don’t try to figure it out. Surrender to His plan and He will do the rest!

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