Please invite me to speak at your church

The Lord gave me a testimony through my book entitled, “Yeshua my prince charming” This book is my life story that shares intimate details of my Cinderella type of childhood until my adult years of abuse and abandonment.

The Lord gave me a dream and said, ” Audrey I want you to share your testimony because the power of your testimony will bring healing into the hearts of many.”People will overcome by the power of the blood and the Word of your testimony”, My story will heal many people who have no hope for their future. The Lord wants me to share this story to hurting women and men who have no hope. He is the hope. He is the Way the Truth and the Life. Please invite me to speak at your church and expect the Glory to fall in the sanctuary. The Lord will make Himself known through my testimony. He told me Now is the time. I will pray for people too. I will believe for your miracles!!Please watch me weekly on fb live and radio. Here is yesterdays fb live.


This was yesterday but I speak weekly and on 97.5 FM radio. Hope with Audrey


Word Of God

Posted by Audrey Brown on Saturday, 1 February 2020


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