Remnant Revival

 Revival happens to a believer in Yeshua when the depth of their  relationship with Himself increases awareness of God’s constant and holy presence, and often is worked out in a complete turning over of self and one’s pursuits for God’s shaping and direction.  Revival begins in an individual’s heart, humbled by God and before God.  Historically, this sometimes has happened when a group of Christians, praying in a similar heart-felt and biblical manner, seek Him; although it always begins within one’s personal relationship with Yeshua (Jesus). Revival is often equated when a believer who has wandered away from his First Love, Jesus Christ [...]

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Please invite me to speak at your church

The Lord gave me a testimony through my book entitled, "Yeshua my prince charming" This book is my life story that shares intimate details of my Cinderella type of childhood until my adult years of abuse and abandonment. The Lord gave me a dream and said, " Audrey I want you to share your testimony because the power of your testimony will bring healing into the hearts of many."People will overcome by the power of the blood and the Word of your testimony", My story will heal many people who have no hope for their future. The Lord wants me to share this [...]

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Word For Febuary

I hear the Lord saying, Repent for My Kingdom has come, My Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I prepare a place for you. You are entering into a new time. Things are accelerating. My Spirit is moving and I want you to move with Me. Don't delay My Will for your lives. Deep calls to deep. I am showing the way. I am making the path clear. I will prove My Power and Glory through you. I will open doors that no man can shut and shut doors no man can open. Be in perfect peace. Trust Me. [...]

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Hi!, My name is Audrey. I am a messianic Jew who has a book with my testimony to share with people in order to bring hope to the hopeless, healing to the broken and life to the dead things in your life. I truly have faith for the miraculous. I have seen miracles and the power of God move in mighty ways. I have been in my lowest state and saw Yeshua literally resurrect my life from the dead. I have so much revelation and insight from the Lord to share. I have shared about how to develop self esteem and find your [...]

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More than just a holiday

Last night I had a dream that opened my eyes to the pain that some people are feeling this Chrismas and Hanukkah season. The Lord wants us to think of peoples needs and show His love to others who are broken and hurting. Yeshua requires us to be joyful always and to seek Him in times of despair. Sometimes It is hard to be joyful when you feel like there is just no joy left within you. I know life can be hard. I’m genuinely sorry you or your loved one is going through a difficult time. However, I want you to know [...]

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